Terms & conditions

1.             General information

Law firm Willems & Cassimon ("Willems & Cassimon") is a company under Belgian law in the form of a private limited liability company and has the main activity of practicing the profession of lawyer. The registered office is located in Belgium at 3500 Hasselt, in the Sasput-voogdijstraat 84. Law Firm Willems & Cassimon is registered with the Kruispuntbank Ondernemingen under the number 0471.573.121 - VAT BE 0471.573.121 with RPR Hasselt 0471.573.121. The lawyers who are part of Willems & Cassimon are registered at the bar of Limburg.

Bank account: IBAN BE49 6301 7005 1971 - BIC: BBRUBEBB

Third party bank account: IBAN BE03 6301 7500 0284 - BIC: BBRUBEBB

2.             Application  

 These general terms and conditions are applicable to each performance of Willems & Cassimon to the benefit of a client, unless deviated from in writing between Willems & Cassimon and the corresponding client. In such case, the provisions not expressly waived shall remain applicable. These general terms and conditions have force of law in the relationship between Willems & Cassimon and the client and will be deemed accepted by the client if he/she has not objected within a reasonable term after receiving them. The acceptance of these terms and conditions may be derived from the normal continuation of performances by Willems & Cassimon and may be expressly derived from the payment of the legal fees. If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid, this will not affect the other valid provisions of the terms and conditions.


3.             Liability  

 Willems &  Cassimon  is solely responsible for the performances delivered to a client. This is a means commitment. The client agrees to not introduce any claims against one of Willems & Cassimon’s lawyers or employees. Willems & Cassimon is insured for their professional activities at Amlin EUROPE NV, King Albert II - lane 9, 1210 Brussels. The liability of Willems & Cassimon towards the client  will be limited to the amount that is covered and paid for by Amlin EUROPE N.V.

Willems & Cassimon may appeal to third parties. In that event, Willems & Cassimon is not liable for any act or omission of such third parties.

Assignments from clients must be done in writing and in a timely manner. Excessive late assignments can not be honoured and the law firm will not accept any liability.

4.             Confidentiality

Willems & Cassimon keeps all information strictly confidential in accordance with applicable ethical rules. Alternatively Willems & Cassimon reserves the right to use the name of the client in certain contexts for marketing purposes.

Any advice given by Willems & Cassimon is strictly connected to the person of the client and serves solely for his or her use in the context of his or her case. The advice is strictly confidential and may not be used, directly or indirectly, nor multiplied for or by third parties. If the client wishes to share the advice with a third party, a written agreement from Willems & Cassimon is mandatory.

Legal documents written by the law firm in a trial are strictly reserved for the client, the court and the counsellor of the counterparty.

5.             Legal fees 

The legal fees contain the following:

·               Administration fee of the case file

·               The procedural costs, if they are advanced by the law firm

·               The honorarium, namely the salary for the work done by the lawyer.

Each cost and any work performed in the case file is documented in detail with the aim of communicating a transparent legal fee.

Agreements regarding fees are made in advance.

The fees are excl. VAT. Each legal fee must be paid within 30 days. In the event of excessive belated payment, the client will, after notice of default by Willems & Cassimon, be liable for the interest in accordance with the Belgian law. Any dispute by the client of the legal fee must be communicated in writing within 10 days of receipt of the disputed legal fee. If the objection does not occur within this period, the legal fee will be considered as accepted.

6.             Law applicable

The terms and conditions between Willems & Cassimon and the client are governed solely by Belgian law.

All possible disputes relating to the relationship between Willems & Cassimon and her client are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Limburg in Hasselt.